I'm a 33-year-old concert photographer from Germany and this site displays some of my work.
I first got into concert photography around 2003/2004 after I joined a now defunct online music magazine. Shortly afterwards I started my own webzine (which slowly became inactive in 2012 and turned into Stageshots.net). Along with a group of other writers I covered concerts and festivals in Germany and in Finland, wrote reviews and did a couple of interviews with bands as well. In 2008 I moved to Finland, bought my first semi-pro DSLR equipment and also took a lot of photos at club gigs in and around Helsinki and several festivals throughout the country. Most of my photos are still from those times. After I returned to Germany things changed a little and I became less active in the music scene and more interested in travel photography. I still enjoy concert photography, but being an amateur makes it a bit difficult. That's why there might be some other types of photos (travel etc.) on this site in the future.

Currently I shoot with a Canon EOS 40D I've been planning to replace forever (it will happen one day!) several lenses (mostly Canon and Sigma).

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